restricted access   Volume 84, Number 3, Fall 2017

Table of Contents

The Future of Scholarly Knowledge

Kenneth Prewitt, Guest Coeditor

Endangered Scholars Worldwide

pp. v-xviii


pp. xix-xx

Is Scholarly Knowledge Good for the Public?

pp. xxi-xxxv

Part I: Keynote

Scholarly Truth and the Hunger for Progress

pp. 531-553

Part II: the Humanities

Introduction: The Future of Scholarly Knowledge in the Humanities

pp. 557-560

Practical Pressures and Scientific Payoffs: A Long View of Knowledge and Utility in Federal Research

pp. 561-582

Conflicts and Crisis in the Faculties: The Humanities in an Age of Identity

pp. 583-615

Freedom versus Accountability in the Academy

pp. 617-629

Part III: The Social Sciences

Introduction: Perspectives on Knowledge and Democratic Reason

pp. 633-636

New Concepts, Expanding Audiences: What Highly Cited Texts Tell Us about Scholarly Knowledge in the Social Sciences

pp. 637-668

Now Is the Time: How to Increase the Value of Social Science

pp. 669-694

The End of the Modern Academy: At the University of Chicago, for Example

pp. 695-719

Part IV: The Natural Sciences


pp. 723-727

Scholarly Knowledge in the Physical Sciences

pp. 729-731

Data and Decisions about Scholarly Knowledge

pp. 733-737

The Contract between Society and Science: Changes and Challenges1

pp. 739-757

Notes on Contributors

pp. 759-760