restricted access   Volume 58, Number 7, October 2017

Table of Contents

Military-Connected Student Academic Success at 4-Year Institutions: A Multi-Institution Study

pp. 967-982

Visualizing Peer Connections: The Gendered Realities of African American College Men’s Interpersonal Relationships

pp. 983-1000

“Being Asian American Is a Lot Different Here”: Influences of Geography on Racial Identity

pp. 1001-1017

A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Fraternity or Sorority Membership and College Student Success

pp. 1018-1034

“Try to See it My Way”: What Influences Social Perspective Taking Among College Students?

pp. 1035-1054

Multiracial Campus Professionals’ Experiences With Multiracial Microaggressions

pp. 1055-1073

College Student Binge Eating: Attachment, Psychological Needs Satisfaction, and Emotion Regulation

pp. 1074-1086

International Research

Tricia Seifert, Associate Editor

Predictors of Psychological Adaptation of Cape Verdean Students in Portugal

pp. 1087-1100

Research in Brief

Jan Arminio & Robert D. Reason, Associate Editors

College Students’ Experiences With Anonymous Social Media: Implications for Campus Racial Climate

pp. 1101-1107

Campus Involvement as a Predictor for Durable Leadership Development in Conjunction With Leadership Program Participation

pp. 1107-1112

Considerations for Queer as a Sexual Identity Classification in Education Survey Research

pp. 1113-1118