restricted access   Volume 50, Number 3, Fall 2017

Table of Contents


"And, oh! but the lilies are pure and fair": Fanny Forrester, Ben Brierley's Journal, and the Creation of a Working-Class Women's Pastoral Tradition

pp. 447-466

The Way "We" Died in Trollope's An Editor's Tales

pp. 467-487

Fractured Femininity and "Fellow Feeling": Professional Identity in the Magazine of the London School of Medicine for Women, 1895–1914

pp. 488-516

The Woman at Home in the World: Annie Swan's Lady Doctor and the Problem of the Fin de Siècle Working Woman

pp. 517-533

Noticing the Dead: The Biographical Sketch in Victorian Periodicals

pp. 534-559

"It is only colour that you want": Lady Audley's Secret and Cosmetics as Discursive Fantasy

pp. 560-584

On the Move: Biography, Self-Help, and Feminism in the Women's Union Journal

pp. 585-618

Edward Lloyd's Sunday Newspapers and the Cultural Politics of Crime News, c. 1840–43

pp. 619-649


The RSVP Bibliography: "A Cooperative Effort" Since 1968

pp. 650-661


Coleridge and the Romantic Newspaper: The "Morning Post" and the Road to "Dejection" by Heidi Thomson, and: Poets of the People's Journal: Newspaper Poetry in Victorian Scotland ed. by Kirstie Blair, and: The Life and Works of James Easson: The Dundee People's Poet ed. by Anthony Faulkes (review)

pp. 662-666

Mathilde Blind: Late-Victorian Culture and the Woman of Letters by James Diedrick (review)

pp. 666-669

The Selected Works of Margaret Oliphant, Parts V and VI: Major Novels ed. by Joanne Shattock and Elisabeth Jay (review)

pp. 670-671


pp. 672-674