restricted access   Volume 53, Number 4, Autumn 2017

Table of Contents


pp. v-ix


Glowworm’s Dinner

p. 511

Bottomlands Departure, and: Responsibility

pp. 512-516

Photograph: North Carolina, 2005, and: Tonight in the Desert

pp. 528-530

Public Sale, 1943

p. 531

The Same Old Story, with Leaf Blower

p. 532

Say uncle, and: Considering the options, and: A ritual

pp. 556-560

Field Lesson, and: The Unavoidable Pigeon

pp. 569-570

A Student Says Everything We Read Is Depressing

p. 571

Ways to Say Luck, and: Who the Letters Were From

pp. 572-576

Xmas Letter

p. 585

Pine Tree with Fish Head

pp. 586-587

Saint John the Baptist, and: The Conversion of Saul

pp. 607-608

Portrait: Last Night in London

p. 609

VII, and: XVI

pp. 610-611

The Tether

pp. 628-633

The Women’s March

p. 643

Season of Feasts: Advent Calendar

pp. 644-645

Après nous le Déluge

p. 646


p. 647

Boxing Day, and: Echt, and: Kingfisher

pp. 662-664

Road Trip

pp. 665-666

How’d We Get This Far, and: All Art Is the Blues

pp. 675-678

Stag’s Reprieve

p. 679


The Gray Horse

pp. 517-527

The Baptism

pp. 561-568

Something Else

pp. 577-584

Composition 360

pp. 597-606


pp. 634-642

Praise Song for Bill Farrell

pp. 648-661

The Amish Buffet

pp. 667-674


The Itch and the Touch

pp. 533-555

Artist’s Statement

pp. 588-596

Visual Art

Mirror, Mirror

pp. 612-627