restricted access   Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 2017

Table of Contents


In Pursuit of Light War in Libya: Kairotic Justifications of War That Just Happened

pp. 195-222

Operation Coffeecup: Ronald Reagan, Rugged Individualism, and the Debate over “Socialized Medicine”

pp. 223-251

Fixating on the Stasis of Fact: Debating “Having It All” in U.S. Media

pp. 253-289

Sovereign Tropes: A Rhetorical Critique of Contested Claims in the South China Sea

pp. 291-337

Review Essay

Old Rhetoric and New Media

pp. 339-355

Book Reviews

Suburban Dreams: Imagining and Building the Good Life by Greg Dickinson (review)

pp. 357-360

Rhetoric and Power: The Drama of Classical Greece by Nathan Crick (review)

pp. 360-363

Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship by Christian Kock and Lisa Villadsen (review)

pp. 363-366

Deep Rhetoric: Philosophy, Reason, Violence, Justice, Wisdom by James Crosswhite (review)

pp. 366-369

American Lobotomy: A Rhetorical History by Jenell Johnson (review)

pp. 369-372

Signs of Pathology: U.S. Medical Rhetoric on Abortion, 1800s–1960s by Nathan Stormer (review)

pp. 372-376

Rhetoric in American Anthropology: Gender, Genre, and Science by Risa Applegarth (review)

pp. 376-379

Living Oil: Petroleum Culture in the American Century by Stephanie LeMenager (review)

pp. 380-383