restricted access   Volume 17, Issue 3, October 2017

Table of Contents


Student Perspectives on Faith in the Classroom: Religious Discourses and Rhetorical Possibilities

pp. 373-396

"Not the Stereotypical View of the South": An Oral History Service-Learning Project in a Southern Women's Literature Course

pp. 397-422

Toward the Soul of a Transformational Praxis: Close Reading and the Liberationist Possibilities of Prison Education

pp. 423-448

Cluster on Teaching Dante’s Divine Comedy Vertically

Introduction: Why Teach Dante Vertically

pp. 449-456

"Differing Voices Join to Form Sweet Music": Dante Translations in the Classroom and Beyond

pp. 457-464

"In My End Is My Beginning": Teaching Dante Retrospectively

pp. 465-474

Teaching Brunetto Latini with Cacciaguida: A Vertical Reading of Inferno and Paradiso 15

pp. 475-484

Just Look through the Eagle's Eye: Teaching Justice and Vision in Cantos 19 of the Divine Comedy

pp. 485-493

Birds of Paradise and Other Transitional Phenomena: A Vertical Reading of Cantos 23

pp. 495-502

Teaching the Antepenultimate Cantos of the Divine Comedy: The Dilemma of Not Moving

pp. 503-512

From the Classroom

Guest edited by Rebecca Conklin, Jason C. Artero, and Kimberly S. Gorman

What Would Lady Mary Do?: Teaching the Twentieth-Century Novel in the Era of Downton Abbey

pp. 513-523

Instructional Technology in the Literature Classroom: Using a Wiki to Construct an Interactive Time Line in an American Literature Survey Course

pp. 523-533

Why Front?: Thoughts on the Importance of "Nonstandard" English in the Shakespeare Classroom

pp. 533-540

Beyond Pacifism: Teaching World War I Literature from Left to Right

pp. 541-547


Roundtable: Reviews of Digging into Literature: Strategies for Reading, Analysis, and Writing, by Joanna Wolfe and Laura Wilder, and Rhetorical Strategies and Genre Conventions in Literary Studies: Teaching and Writing in the Disciplines, by Laura Wilder

Teaching What We Do in Literary Studies

pp. 549-556

From the Parlor to the Classroom: An Undergraduate Perspective

pp. 557-562

Beginning Where the Students Are Beginning

pp. 563-569


pp. 571-574