restricted access   Volume 90, Number 3, Summer 2017

Table of Contents


Obituaries Without Biographies: Death and Health Care in Roma Camps in Rome

pp. 581-604

How to Rename a Hospital: Biomedical Technologies and New Combinations of Business and Charity in Cambodian Public Health

pp. 605-636

Oblivious Title: On the Political Time of Land Tenure in Postwar Peru

pp. 637-673

Strengthening the Family through Television: Islamic Broadcasting, Secularism, and the Politics of Responsibility in Turkey

pp. 675-714

Returning to No Home: Educational Remigration and Displacement in Rural China

pp. 715-742

Forced Childlessness and Ruptured Personhood: The Politics of Motherhood for Central African Refugee Women Resettled in Australia

pp. 743-770

Among a Hundred Good Virtues, Filial Piety is the First: Contemporary Moral Discourses on Filial Piety in Urban China

pp. 771-799

Visions of Care: Medicalization and Public Patienthood in Sao Paulo, Brazil

pp. 801-830

Film Review

Salero dir. by Mike Plunkett (review)

pp. 831-835

Book Review Essay

Joseph Mitchell—with Variations

pp. 837-843

Book Reviews

The Anthropology of Expeditions: Travel, Visualities, Afterlives eds. by Joshua A. Bell and Erin L. Hasinoff (review)

pp. 845-849

The Voice and Its Doubles: Media and Music in Northern Australia by Daniel Fisher (review)

pp. 851-854

Infectious Change: Reinventing Chinese Public Health After an Epidemic by Katherine A. Mason (review)

pp. 855-860

The Insecure City: Space, Power, and Mobility in Beirut by Kristin V. Monroe (review)

pp. 861-864

An Asian Frontier: American Anthropology and Korea, 1882–1945 by Robert Oppenheim (review)

pp. 865-868

Losing Afghanistan: An Obituary for the Intervention by Noah Coburn (review)

pp. 869-872

Nature, Culture, and Society: Anthropological Perspectives on Life by Gisli Palsson (review)

pp. 873-875

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna J. Haraway (review)

pp. 877-882