restricted access   Volume 6, Number 1, 1996

Table of Contents

Introductory Note

Creativity and Tradition: : Mediterranean Folk-Poetry in Sung Form

pp. 1-6

Orality and Literacy

The Epic Poet in Egyptian Tradition

pp. 7-14

The Phenomenology of Improvisation: : Ethics and Aesthetics the Case of the ‘Ottava Rima’

pp. 15-27


Poesia in Piazza Les Joutes Poétiques Improvisées en Sardaigne1

pp. 28-44

The Bedouin Oral Historical Narrative as a Literary Product and Historical Source

pp. 45-55

Revitalizing the Past, Contextualizing the Present: : Cultural Responses to the Tradition of Improvised Singing in Aegean Greece

pp. 56-69

Modes of Composition

Maltese Għana: : Some Remarks on the Process of Invention

pp. 70-81

La création populaire en Proche et Moyen Orient

pp. 82-87

Modalites d’Organisation du Chant Berbere: : Paroles et Musique

pp. 88-108

Social Functions

Poèsie Chantee en Kabyle: : Changement ou Permanence

pp. 109-119

Les Chants de l’Escarpolette au Maghreb

pp. 120-134

Traditions Poetiques et Musicales Juives au Maroc: : Centralite Religieuse et Fonctions Sociales

pp. 135-146

Arab Folksongs and Palestinian Identity

pp. 147-172

Other Contributions

Los Dos Cejeles Anónimos Magrebíes de la Genizah

pp. 173-176

Compte Rendu: : Il Verso Cantato

pp. 177-178


pp. 179-181

Review Article

Revitalizing European Rituals

pp. 182-187

Books Received

p. 188