restricted access   Volume 69, Number 3, September 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue: The Chinese Factor: Reorienting Global Imaginaries in American Studies

Edited by Chih-ming Wang and Yu-Fang Cho

Editor’s Note

pp. v-vi

Introduction: The Chinese Factor and American Studies, Here and Now

pp. 443-463


Collective Statement on Taiwan Independence: Building Global Solidarity and Rejecting US Military Empire

pp. 465-468


Introduction to the Forums

p. 469

I: Transpacific Matters

Toward a Decolonial Genealogy of the Transpacific

pp. 471-482

Critical Refugee Studies and Native Pacific Studies: A Transpacific Critique

pp. 483-490

The Inter-State “Frames of War”: On “Japan–US Friendship” and Okinawa in the Transpacific

pp. 491-499

TPP at the End of the Line: A Briefing on Economic Cooperation and Capacity Building

pp. 501-512

Some Consequences of the Pivot to Asia

pp. 513-521

II: The China in US

The Problem of Study: China in American Studies and the Materials of Knowledge

pp. 523-532

The Rise of China and the End of the World as We Know It

pp. 533-540

Détourning the Chimera: Toward a Global Critical Practice

pp. 541-549

Not So Simple Life Choices

pp. 551-557

How Chinese Students Become Nationalist: Their American Experience and Transpacific Futures

pp. 559-567

Main Essays

Transpacific Cartographies

Settler Modernity’s Spatial Exceptions: The US POW Camp, Metapolitical Authority, and Ha Jin’s War Trash

pp. 569-587

Empire of Information: The Asia Foundation’s Network and Chinese-Language Cultural Production in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia

pp. 589-610

The World Comes to Iowa in the Cold War: International Writing Program and the Translation of Mao Zedong

pp. 611-631

Competitions and Collusions

Disability as Exception: China, Race, and Human Rights

pp. 633-652

“Frontier Risk” and the Sino-American Scramble in the Sahel

pp. 653-673

Animacy at the End of History in Changrae Lee’s On Such a Full Sea

pp. 675-696

Nomadic Itineraries

Unhappy Desires and Queer Postsocialist Futures Unhappy Desires and Queer Postsocialist Futures: Hong Kong and Buenos Aires in Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together

pp. 697-718

Dwelling over China: Minor Transnationalisms in Karen Tei Yamashita’s I Hotel

pp. 719-739

Nomad of the Transpacific: Bruce Lee as Method

pp. 741-761

Review Section

The Crisis of the American Dream: On Going-Abroad Films in Contemporary Chinese Cinema

pp. 763-768


pp. 769-775