restricted access   Volume 107, Number 3, Summer 2017

Table of Contents


Rabbinic Eschatology: Complexity, Ambiguity, and Radical Self-Reflection

pp. 269-296

Fairies, Lovers, and Glass Palaces: French Influences on Thirteenth-Century Hebrew Poetry in Spain—the Case of Ya'akov ben El'azar's Ninth Maḥberet

pp. 297-322

Rethinking Rabbinical Leadership in Ottoman Jewish Communities

pp. 323-353

Searching for Home: Henry Roth's Spanish American Turn

pp. 354-377


People of the Epistle: Letters in Jewish Intellectual Life, Part I

Editor's Introduction: Translations, Triangular Relations, and Spiritual Permutations

pp. 379-396

By Post or by Ghost: Ruminations on Visions and Epistolary Archives

pp. 397-408

"A Melancholy Offering Tendered with Esteem": Gershom Scholem and Lucy S. Dawidowicz on Nathan Birnbaum, an Unexpected Conversation

pp. 409-426

Between Zionism and Friendship: The Correspondence between Gershom Scholem and Joseph Weiss

pp. 427-444


p. 445

Recent Dissertations in Judaic Studies (Web only)

Recent Dissertations