restricted access   Volume 52, Number 3-4, Spring-Summer 2015

Table of Contents


The Energy of Modernity: The 2016 Boston Joyce Forum, Boston College, 12 November 2016

pp. 489-491


"Knowing Damn All About Banking Business": Reopening James Joyce's "Notes on Business and Commerce"

pp. 493-508

"On Lifting the Lid of the Desk": The Empty Spaces and Certain Circumstances of "A Painful Case"

pp. 509-530

The "unfettered freedom" of "flitting bats": The Inoperative Community in James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

pp. 531-556

"Unfallen but About to Fall": The Influence of Byron's Cain on Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

pp. 557-573

The "Indecent Postures" of Island Cricket: James Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Joseph O'Neill's Netherland

pp. 575-592

Private Property, Public Interest: Bloom's Ecological Fantasy in "Ithaca"

pp. 593-621

A Bloom without a Flower, or How to Read "Lotus Eaters"

pp. 623-635

Sifted Science: James Joyce's Reference to George Albert Wentworth and George Anthony Hill's A Text-Book of Physics

pp. 637-654

Current JJ Checklist

Current JJ Checklist (127)

pp. 655-668


The Picture Odyssey of Ben Bloom Elijah

pp. 669-681

An Early Manuscript of "Tutto è Sciolto"

pp. 682-684

Spectral Grandfather?

pp. 685-689


Penelope Says

pp. 691-692

Review Essay

Joyce Smithy: A Curated Review of Joyce in Visual Art, Music, and Performance (2016)

pp. 693-706


Modernism and Homer: The Odysseys of H.D., James Joyce, Osip Mandelstam, and Ezra Pound by Leah Culligan Flack (review)

pp. 707-710

Virgil and Joyce: Nationalism and Imperalism in the "Aeneid" and "Ulysses," by Randall J. Pogorzelski (review)

pp. 710-714

Israelites in Erin: Exodus, Revolution, & The Irish Revival, by Abby Bender (review)

pp. 715-719

Irish Cosmopolitanism: Location and Dislocation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, and Samuel Beckett, by Nels Pearson (review)

pp. 719-722

Writing Modern Ireland, ed. by Catherine E. Paul (review)

pp. 722-725

Romanian Joyce: From Hostility to Hospitality, by Arleen Ionescu (review)

pp. 726-729

"Finnegans Wake" Libro Terzo, Capitoli 1 E 2 (Finnegans Wake III, 1-2), by James Joyce (review)

pp. 730-733


p. 735


pp. 737-740


pp. 745-749