restricted access   Volume 36, Number 3, September/septembre 2017

Table of Contents


How's Your Health at Home: Frail Homebound Patients Reported Health Experience and Outcomes*

pp. 273-285

Factors Associated with Residential Long-Term Care Wait-List Placement in North West Ontario

pp. 286-305

Broadening End-of-Life Comfort to Improve Palliative Care Practices in Long Term Care

pp. 306-317

Examining Rural Older Adults' Perceptions of Cognitive Health

pp. 318-327

Outil de sensibilisation des proches à la conduite automobile des aînés

pp. 328-341

Non-Digital Game Playing by Older Adults

pp. 342-350

Work Dissatisfaction and Sleep Problems among Canadians in the Latter Half of Life

pp. 351-365

Gender and Relationship Status Interaction and Likelihood of Return to Work Post-Retirement

pp. 366-385

Reconciling Marriage and Care after Stroke

pp. 386-401

Foucault Retires to the Gym: Understanding Embodied Aging in the Third Age

pp. 402-414

Canadian Institutes of Health Research–Institute of Aging: Profile/ Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada–Institut du vieillissement : Profil

When the Rising Tide Impacts the World: Addressing the Global Challenge of Dementia

pp. 415-418

Quand le raz-de-marée a un impact mondial : S'attaquer au défi planétaire de la démence*

pp. 419-422

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

Beyond Successful and Active Ageing: A Theory of Model Ageing by Virpi Timonen (review)

pp. 423-424


Quand le raz-de-marée a un impact mondial: S'attaquer au défi planétaire de la démence–Corrigendum

p. 425