restricted access   Volume 96, Number 1, September 2017

Table of Contents

Work and Inequality

Complexity in Employment Life Courses in Europe in the Twentieth Century—Large Cross-National Differences but Little Change across Birth Cohorts

pp. 1-29

Who Gets and Who Gives Employer-Provided Benefits?: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data

pp. 31-63

Education and Inequality

De Facto Privatization and Inequalities in Educational Opportunity in the Transition to Secondary School in Rural Malawi

pp. 65-90

Funding Sources, Family Income, and Fields of Study in College

pp. 91-120

The Role of Education for Intergenerational Income Mobility: A comparison of the United States, Great Britain, and Sweden

pp. 121-151


Wither the Nation-State?: A Comparative Analysis of Nationalism in Textbooks

pp. 153-179

The Globalization of Production and Income Inequality in Rich Democracies

pp. 181-213

Globalization and Contemporary Fertility Convergence

pp. 215-238

Gender and Earnings

Age Homogamy, Gender, and Earnings: Sweden 1990–2009

pp. 239-263

Crime and Criminal Justice

Gun Shops as Local Institutions: Federal Firearms Licensees, Social Disorganization, and Neighborhood Violent Crime

pp. 265-298

Cultivating Support for Punitive Criminal Justice Policies: News Sectors and the Moderating Effects of Audience Characteristics

pp. 299-327

Comparative/Historical Sociology

Heterogeneity in the Relationship between Country-Level Affluence and Environmental Concern

pp. 329-359

National Trauma and the Fear of Foreigners: How Past Geopolitical Threat Heightens Anti-Immigration Sentiment Today

pp. 361-388


The Network Dynamics of Status: Assimilation and Selection

pp. 389-422

Negligible Connections? The Role of Familiar Others in the Diffusion of Smoking among Adolescents

pp. 423-447


Is Category Spanning Truly Disadvantageous?: New Evidence from Primary and Secondary Movie Markets

pp. 449-479

Book Reviews

Democracy in Iran: Why It Failed and How It Might Succeed by Misagh Parsa (review)

pp. 1-3

Burning Dislike: Ethnic Violence in Schools by Martin Sanchez-Jankowski (review)

pp. 1-3

Chasing the American Dream by Mark Robert Rank etal. (review)

pp. 1-3

Failing Families, Failing Science: Work-Family Conflict in Academic Science by Elaine Howard Ecklund and Anne E. Lincoln (review)

pp. 1-3

Fighting King Coal: The Challenges to Micromobilization in Central Appalachia by Shannon Elizabeth Bell (review)

pp. 1-2

Social Sequence Analysis: Methods and Applications by Benjamin Cornwell (review)

pp. 1-2

Inside China's Automobile Factories by Lu Zhang (review)

pp. 1-2

American Dunkirk: The Waterborne Evacuation of Manhattan on 9/11 by James Kendra and Tricia Wachtendorf (review)

pp. 1-2

The End of Consensus: Diversity, Neighborhoods, and the Politics of Public School Assignments by Toby L. Parcel and Andrew J. Taylor (review)

pp. 1-3

God Hates: Westboro Baptist Church, American Nationalism, and the Religious Right by Rebecca Barrett-Fox (review)

pp. 1-3

The Politics of Innovation: Why Some Countries Are Better Than Others at Science & Technology by Mark Zachary Taylor (review)

pp. 1-3

Organizing Organic: Conflict and Compromise in an Emerging Market by Michael A. Haedicke (review)

pp. 1-3

Beyond Monogamy: Polyamory and the Future of Polyqueer Sexualities by Mimi Schippers (review)

pp. 1-3

Japanese American Ethnicity: In Search of Heritage and Homeland across Generations by Tsuda Takeyuki (review)

pp. 1-3

The Fall of the Turkish Model: How The Arab Uprisings Brought Down Islamic Liberalism by TugȈal Cihan (review)

pp. 1-4

Down, Out, and Under Arrest Policing and Everyday Life in Skid Row by Stuart Forrest (review)

pp. 1-3

Networked Publics and Digital Contention: The Politics of Everyday Life in Tunisia by Zayani Mohamed (review)

pp. 1-3