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From the Editor

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Introduction to "Toward a Triangular Aesthetics"

pp. 1-3

Toward a Triangular Aesthetics

pp. 5-21

Çatalhöyük, Archaeology, Violence

pp. 23-36

Mimetic Euphemism and Mythology: Group Therapy, Scapegoating, and the Displacement of Disquiet

pp. 37-56

Mimesis, Ritual Sacrifice, and Ceremony of Proskynesis

pp. 57-72

Contemplative Practice and the Therapy of Mimetic Desire

pp. 73-100

War and Politics: Clausewitz and Schmitt in the Light of Girard's Mimetic Theory

pp. 101-117

After Sacrifice Ontology: The Shared Revelatory Dynamic of Heidegger and Girard

pp. 119-138

Rescuing Rhetoric: Kenneth Burke, René Girard, and Forms of Conversion

pp. 139-158

Girard and the "Sacrifice of the Mass": Mimetic Theory and Eucharistic Theology

pp. 159-190

Human Evolution and the Single Victim Mechanism: Locating Girard's Hominization Hypothesis through Literature Survey

pp. 191-216

Acquisitive Imitation and the Gift-Economy: Escaping Reciprocity in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit

pp. 217-231


pp. 233-236