restricted access   Volume 50, Number 4, 2017

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Special Issue: SIGGRAPH 2017 Art Papers and Unsettled Artifacts Art Gallery

ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art

pp. 300-301

Art Papers

Art Papers Jury

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pp. 358-359

Creature:Interactions: A Social Mixed-Reality Playspace

pp. 360-367

The Interactive Image: A Media Archaeology Approach

pp. 368-375

Autoencoding Blade Runner: Reconstructing Films with Artificial Neural Networks

pp. 376-383

Avoid Setup: Insights and Implications of Generative Cinema

pp. 384-393

Lenticular Waterwheels: Simultaneous Kinetic and Embedded Animation

pp. 394-399

Transforming the Commonplace through Machine Perception: Light Field Synthesis and Audio Feature Extraction in the Rover Project

pp. 400-408

Unsettled Artifacts Art Gallery


pp. 410-413


pp. 414-417

BioSoNot 1.2

pp. 418-419

Milpa Polímera

pp. 420-421

The Andean Pavilion

pp. 422-423


pp. 424-425

Octópodos Sisíficos

pp. 426-427


pp. 428-429

pp. 430-431

drumCircle[ ]

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pp. 434-435

Imaginario Inverso

pp. 436-437

The Network

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