restricted access   Volume 36, Number 3&4, Fómhar/Geimhreadh / Fall/Winter 2001

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From: Éire-Ireland

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Editors’ Introduction

pp. 3-5


Anger and Nostalgia: Seamus Heaney and the Ghost of the Father

pp. 7-38

“God Save Ireland”: Manchester-Martyr Demonstrations in Dublin, 1867–1916

pp. 39-66

“The Gravest Situation of Our Lives”: Conservatives, Ulster, and the Home Rule Crisis, 1911–14

pp. 67-82

Divisions within the Irish Government Over Land-Distribution Policy, 1940–70

pp. 83-110

Remembering Ireland’s Architecture of Containment: “Telling” Stories in The Butcher Boy and States of Fear

pp. 111-130

“Ireland Begins in the Home”: Women, Irish National Identity, and the Domestic Sphere in the Irish Homestead, 1896–1912

pp. 131-152

Fetal Ireland: National Bodies and Political Agency*

pp. 153-173

“Not Quite Philadelphia, Is It?”: An Interview with Eamonn McCann

pp. 174-189

John Ford’s Festive Comedy: Ireland Imagined in The Quiet Man

pp. 190-211


To Be Loved as a Cupboard: The Yeats Museum in the National Gallery of Ireland

pp. 212-225


pp. 226-228