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The Genomic Health of Ancient Hominins

The Multiple Histories of Western Asia: Perspectives from Ancient and Modern Genomes

Admixture and Ancestry Inference from Ancient and Modern Samples through Measures of Population Genetic Drift

Ancient DNA Investigation of a Medieval German Cemetery Confi rms Long-Term Stability of CCR5-Δ32 Allele Frequencies in Central Europe

Extending Genome-wide Association Study Results to Test Classic Anthropological Hypotheses: Human Third Molar Agenesis and the “Probable Mutation Effect”

A Mainly Circum-Mediterranean Origin for West Eurasian and North African mtDNAs in Puerto Rico with Strong Contributions from the Canary Islands and West Africa

Infectious Disease and the Diversification of the Human Genome

Introgression Makes Waves in Inferred Histories of Effective Population Size

Chaco Canyon Dig Unearths Ethical Concerns