restricted access   Volume 2, Number 2, May 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Queer Form

Special Issue Introduction

Queer Form: Aesthetics, Race, and the Violences of the Social

pp. 227-239


Alternative Structures: Aesthetics, Imagination, and Radical Reciprocity: an Interview with Girl

pp. 241-252


Editors' Forum: "Queer Form"

p. 253

Queer Relations

pp. 254-257

How to Make Language Lawless

pp. 258-259

How They Do It Where We From: On Queer Form

pp. 259-261

Wrong Impressions

pp. 261-264

Crude Matter, Queer Form

pp. 264-268

On Ruins

pp. 269-270

Litotes Like it's 1985

pp. 271-273

Queer Formalism As "Queer Form"

pp. 274-275

Mike Brown's Body: New Materialism and Black Form

pp. 276-283


Queer Abstraction: A Roundtable

pp. 285-306


Queer Form, Quiet Frame: A Sense of Alaska Native Aesthetics in Emily Johnson's The Thank-You Bar

pp. 307-333

Stripped to the Bone: Sequencing Queerness in the Comic Strip Work of Joe Brainard and David Wojnarowicz

pp. 335-367

Forms of Opacity: Roaches, Blood, and Being Stuck in Xandra Ibarra's Corpus

pp. 369-394

Virtuosic Distortion: Nelson Sullivan's Queer Hand

pp. 395-421

Slow Encounters: Chantal Akerman's From The Other Side, Queer Form, And The Mexican Migrant

pp. 423-448

The Beads of Versailles: Jean-Michel Othoniel's Les Belles Danses

pp. 449-479