restricted access   Volume 130, Number 517, Summer 2017

Table of Contents


"Almost Folklore": The Legend That Killed Nella Larsen's Literary Career

pp. 255-275

In Search for Truth: Surveillance Rumors and Vernacular Panopticon in Belarus

pp. 276-304

Polish Paremic Demotivators: Tradition in an Internet Genre

pp. 305-334


Proverbs in the Academy: A Folklore Studies Activity for the Writing Classroom

pp. 335-352


Daniel R. Barnes (1940–2014)

p. 353

Joseph P. Goodwin (1952–2015)

pp. 353-354

Book Reviews

Built with Faith: Italian American Imagination and Catholic Material Culture in New York City by Joseph Sciorra (review)

pp. 355-356

From Canton Restaurant to Panda Express: A History of Chinese Food in the United States by Haiming Liu (review)

pp. 356-358

Love Stories: Language, Private Love, and Public Romance in Georgia by Paul Manning (review)

pp. 358-359

Remembering Nayeche and the Gray Bull Engiro: African Storytellers of the Karamoja Plateau and the Plains of Turkana by Mustafa Kemal Mirzeler (review)

pp. 360-361

Reinventing Chinese Tradition: The Cultural Politics of Late Socialism by Ka-ming Wu (review)

pp. 361-363

Folk Art and Modern Culture in Republican China by Felicity Lufkin (review)

pp. 363-365

Folksongs of Another America: Field Recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937–1946 by James P. Leary (review)

pp. 365-366

Performing Afro-Cuba: Image, Voice, Spectacle in the Making of Race and History by Kristina Wirtz (review)

pp. 366-368

Appalachian Dance: Creativity and Continuity in Six Communities by Susan Eike Spalding (review)

pp. 368-369

Writing American Cultures: Studies of Identity, Community, and Place ed. by Sam Schrager (review)

pp. 369-371

Exhibit Review

Working Waterfront: Memories Hold produced by Staten Island Arts’ Folklife (review)

pp. 372-373

Information about Contributors

p. 374