restricted access   New Series, Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents


“When Freedom Comes”: Maria Parker, the Women’s Department, and the West Virginia State Penitentiary1

pp. 1-27

Work & Hope and the West Virginia State Penitentiary

pp. 29-43

“To Strike A Fair Balance”: The Peacemakers and the Community Land Trust Movement in West Virginia, 1970–1982

pp. 45-71

Book Reviews

Memorializing Motherhood, Anna Jarvis, and the Struggle for the Control of Mother’s Day by Katharine Lane Antolini (review)

pp. 73-74

Appalachia Revisited: New Perspectives on Place, Tradition, and Progress ed. by William Schumann and Rebecca Adkins Fletcher (review)

pp. 75-76

Democracy and the American Civil War: Race and African Americans in the Nineteenth Century ed. by Kevin Adams and Leonne M. Hudson (review)

pp. 76-78

A Saga of the New South: Race, Law, and Public Debt in Virginia by Brent Tarter (review)

pp. 78-81

Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J. D. Vance (review)

pp. 81-83

My Gettysburg: Meditations on History and Place by Mark A. Snell (review)

pp. 83-84

Archaeological Perspectives on the Southern Appalachians: A Multiscalar Approach ed. by Ramie A. Gougeon and Maureen S. Meyers (review)

pp. 84-85

Pure Heart: The Faith of a Father and Son in the War for a More Perfect Union by William F. Quigley Jr. (review)

pp. 86-87

Women of the Mountain South: Identity, Work, and Activism ed. by Connie Park Rice and Marie Tedesco (review)

pp. 87-89