restricted access   Volume 20, Number 3, July 2017

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From: Theory & Event

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open access   Introduction

pp. 575-578


Justice and Divine Violence: Walter Benjamin and the Time of Anticipation

pp. 579-598

Alternative Authenticities: Thinking Transgender Without Essence

pp. 599-628

Speculative Political Theory: Quentin Meillassoux and “the Great Outdoors” of Politics

pp. 629-652

Post-Naturalistic Racialization in the “Post-Racial” United States: On the Shifting rather than Declining Significance of Race

pp. 653-678

The Corpulence of Self-tracking: The Quantified Self, Derrida, and Writing in the Age of Digital Accountability

pp. 679-698

Stasis: Notes Toward Agonist Democracy

pp. 699-725

In Translation

The Psychic Life of the Power of Rebellion: Introducing León Rozitchner’s “Philosophy and Terror”

pp. 726-737

León Rozitchner’s “Philosophy and Terror”

pp. 738-745

Symposium—The Paralysis of Critical Theory

open access   Introduction: Reflecting Paralysis

pp. 746-755

Critical Theory and the Pursuit of a Political Education

pp. 756-768

Beyond “Education in Sickness”: A Biopolitical Marcuse and Some Prospects for University Self-Administration

pp. 769-787

21 Theses on the Politics of Forms of Life

pp. 788-803

Herbert Marcuse, the Liberation of “Man,” and Hegemonic Humanism

pp. 804-827

The Paralysis in Criticism

pp. 828-852

We Thinkers from the Gilt-Edged Margins: Six Theses on Critical Theory

pp. 853-860


“That hippopotamus the American people”: Livingston’s Damn Great Empires!

pp. 861-866

The Human As (and Through) Imbrication: Frost’s Biocultural Creatures

pp. 867-872

“We,” the “People”: Olson’s Imagined Sovereignties

pp. 873-878

From Governing (Through) Rights to Governing (Despite) Rights?: Sokhi-Bulley’s Governing Through Rights

pp. 879-885


pp. 886-890