restricted access   Issue 83, Spring 2017

Table of Contents


Radical Histories

pp. 1-2

Donald Trump: Between Election and Inauguration

pp. 3-9

Feature: Writing Memoir

Between Private and Public: Writing a Memoir of Raphael and Myself

pp. 11-26

Red Diaper Baby

pp. 27-49


'Archives of Feeling': The AIDS Crisis in Britain 1987

pp. 51-78

Sisterhood and Squatting in the 1970s: Feminism, Housing and Urban Change in Hackney

pp. 79-97

History and Nature in Karl Marx: Marx's Debt to German Idealism

pp. 98-117

Metropolitan Geographies of Debt, 1700–1900

pp. 118-129

Japan, Global History, and the Great Silence

pp. 130-150

Legacies of French Slave-Ownership, or the Long Decolonization of Saint-Domingue

pp. 151-175

'This is Not Charity': The Masculine Work of Strike Relief

pp. 176-193

'That Alien, New-fangled, Thick, Intractable Dodecagon': The Design and Introduction of the 1937 British Threepenny Coin

pp. 194-216

Radical Histories

Radical History Then and Now

pp. 217-222

History Workshop and its Legacies

pp. 223-225

American Radicalism

pp. 226-229

What is Radical History Now?

pp. 230-240

History Workshops in Egypt: An Experiment in History Telling

pp. 241-251

Histories of Radicalism

Anarchism and the Anti-Colonial Canarian Imagination: the Missing Flag

pp. 253-271

Abe Lazarus and the Lost World of British Communism

pp. 272-288

The Eclectic Hall, Headquarters of Soho Radicalism

pp. 289-300

Historians in the Streets

Race, Prostitution and the New Left: the Postwar Inner City through Janet Mendelsohn's 'Social Eye'

pp. 301-340


Race, Anti-Caste and the Victorians

pp. 341-346

European History and Early Modern Globalization

pp. 347-355

Gender, Crime and Modernity

pp. 356-358

Obituaries and Memoirs

James Arthur Miller (1944–2015)

pp. 359-364

John Forrester (1949–2015): An Appreciation

pp. 365-369