restricted access   Volume 21, Number 2, July 2017 (No. 53)

Table of Contents

A Scarcely Spoken Past

pp. vii-x

In the Penumbra of the Antillean Hallucination

pp. 1-20

Sympathetic Graffiti in Haiti: Jerry’s Murals as a Scene of Pedagogical Curiosity

pp. 22-43

Becoming Indigenous in Haiti, from Dessalines to La Revue Indigène

pp. 45-61

Art After Indenture

Guest editor, Andil Gosine

After Indenture

pp. 63-67

The Point of No Return: Wendy Nanan as Postindenture Indian Female Visionary Artist

pp. 68-80

Picturing an Afterlife of Indenture

pp. 81-93

When the Moon Waxes Red: Afro-Asian Feminist Intimacies and the Aesthetics of Indenture

pp. 94-111

Communal Style: Indo-Caribbean Women’s Jewelry

pp. 112-122

Kitchen Table Talk: Richard Fung and Ian Harnarine in Conversation

pp. 123-134

After Indenture: Three Photo Stories

p. 135

Face Up: Life and transgressive acts on screen

pp. 136-141

When the moon waxes red

pp. 142-145

Notes from a work-in-progress

pp. 146-150

Small Axe Literary Competition 2016


Salvage: First Place, Poetry

pp. 151-161

Miscellaneous: Second Place, Poetry

pp. 162-169

Short Fiction

Mango Feast: First Place, Short Fiction

pp. 170-176

Public Notice: Second Place, Short Fiction

pp. 177-183

Book Discussion: Yarimar Bonilla, Non-Sovereign Futures: French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment

The Politics of Disjuncture, or Freedom from a Caribbean Point of View

pp. 184-192

The Work of Disappointment

pp. 193-200

Freedom, Sovereignty, and Other Entanglements

pp. 201-208


pp. 209-211