restricted access   Volume 59, Number 4, Autumn 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Taking the Fizz Out of Obesity

Edited by Neal Baer

Editor's Introduction

pp. 445-447

Taxing Soda: Strategies for Dealing with the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic

pp. 448-464

Physicians Can Impact Patient Health

pp. 465-470


Science and Medicine

Reassessing Diagrams of Cardiac Mechanics: From Otto Frank and Ernest Starling to Hiroyuki Suga

pp. 471-490

The Research Optimist's Defense

pp. 491-506

History and Biography

Libera me, Domine: Christian Roots of Palliative Care

pp. 507-516

Medical Education and Practice

Beware Dichotomies

pp. 517-535

Public Health Approaches and the Human Enhancement Debate

pp. 536-546

Situating Social Differences in Health and Illness Practices

pp. 547-561

Dear Dr. Peabody

pp. 562-566

Personal Perspectives

The Need for Uncertainty: A Case for Prognostic Silence

pp. 567-575

Review Essays

Virtue Ethics in Monetized Medicine

pp. 576-580

Facing Death

pp. 581-586