restricted access   Volume 50, Number 4, Summer 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue: History of Friendship in Colonial America

Guest Editor: Janet Moore Lindman


Histories of Friendship in Early America: An Introduction

pp. 603-608

"Our Hands and Hearts are Joined Together": Friendship, Colonialism, and the Cherokee People in Early America

pp. 609-629

"Dear Christian Friends": Charity Bryant, Sylvia Drake, and the Making of a Spiritual Network

pp. 630-654

"A Work of Friendship": Nathaniel Hawthorne, Franklin Pierce, and the Politics of Enmity in the Civil War Era

pp. 655-679

"This Union of the Soul": Spiritual Friendship among Early American Protestants

pp. 680-700

"Tell Them that My Dayly Thoughts are with Them as Though I was Amidst Them All": Friendship among Property-Owning Free People of Color in Nineteenth-Century Natchez, Mississippi1

pp. 701-719


Barbour's Bruce and its Cultural Contexts: Politics, Chivalry and Literature in Late Medieval Scotland ed. by Steven Boardman and Susan Foran (review)

pp. 720-721

The Salt Water Frontier: Indians and the Contest for the American Coast by Andrew Lipman (review)

pp. 722-723

The Divided Dominion; Social Conflict and Indian Hatred in Early Virginia by Ethan A. Schmidt (review)

pp. 724-725

For All of Humanity: Mesoamerican and Colonial Medicine in Enlightenment Guatemala by Martha Few (review)

pp. 725-727

Founding Friendships: Friendships between Men and Women in the Early Republic by Cassandra A. Good (review)

pp. 727-729

Brazil through French Eyes—A Nineteenth-Century Artist in the Tropics by Ana Lucia Araujo (review)

pp. 729-731

Stealing Freedom Along the Mason-Dixon Line: Thomas McCreary, the Notorious Slave Catcher from Maryland by Milt Diggins (review)

pp. 731-733

Balfour's World: Aristocracy and Political Culture and the Fin de Siècle by Nancy W. Ellenberger (review)

pp. 733-735

Cultural Politics of Hygiene in India, 1890–1940: Contagions of Feeling by Srirupa Prasad (review)

pp. 735-737

British Art and the First World War, 1914–1924 by James Fox (review)

pp. 737-739

Making Modern Girls: A History of Girlhood, Labor, and Social Development in Colonial Lagos by Abosede A. George (review)

pp. 739-741

The Color of Modernity: São Paulo and the Making of Race and Nation in Brazil by Barbara Weinstein (review)

pp. 741-743

Japan's Postwar Military and Civil Society: Contesting a Better Life by Tomoyuki Sasaki (review)

pp. 744-745

Sounds French: Globalization, Cultural Communities, and Pop Music in France, 1958–1980 by Jonathyne Briggs (review)

pp. 746-747

Black Silent Majority: The Rockefeller Drug Laws and The Politics of Punishment by Michael Javen Fortner (review)

pp. 748-750

Building the Atlantic Empires: Unfree Labor and Imperial States in the Political Economy of Capitalism, ca. 1500–1914 ed. by John Donoghue and Evelyn P. Jennings (review)

pp. 750-752

The Historical Animal ed. by Susan Nance (review)

pp. 752-754

Index: Volume 50

pp. 755-758