restricted access   Volume 73, Number 2, May / mai 2017

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Breathing Life into New Speakers: Nsyilxcn and Tlingit Sequenced Curriculum, Direct Acquisition, and Assessments

pp. 109-132

Chinese Students in Canadian Higher Education: A Case for Reining in Our Use of the Term "Generation 1.5"

pp. 133-157

Representations of Language Education in Canadian Newspapers

pp. 158-182

Immigrant Adolescents Investing in Korean Heritage Language: Exploring Motivation, Identities, and Capital

pp. 183-207

Navigating Native-Speaker Ideologies as FSL Teacher

pp. 208-236

Exchange Article with / Échange d’article avec Recherches et applications / Le Français dans le monde

Place des enjeux d'acquisition langagière dans le multi-agenda de l'enseignant de DdNL1 : l'exemple d'un cours d'histoire pour collégiens allophones

pp. 237-253

Book and Software Reviews / Critiques de livres et de logiciels

Voices in the Media: Performing French Linguistic Otherness by Gaëlle Planchenault (review)

pp. 254-255

Francofone [app], version 1.0.1 (updated Feb. 12, 2016) by André Bougaïeff, Donna Mydlarski, and Dana Paramskas (review)

pp. 256-257