restricted access   Proceedings, No. 1, 1984

Table of Contents

Reconstructing Chaucer


pp. vii-viii

The Presidential Address

The Reconstruction of Chaucer

pp. 3-19

The Biennial Lecture

The “Queynte” Punnings of Chaucer’s Critics

pp. 23-47

Influence and "Auctoritee"

Tearing or Breathing?: Dante’s Influence on Filostrato and Troilus

pp. 51-59

Chaucer and the European Rose

pp. 61-67

Froissart, Chaucer, and the Pastourelles of the Pennsylvania Manuscript

pp. 69-79

The Nun’s Priest’s Tale as Grammar-School Primer

pp. 81-91

Chaucer, Lollius, and the Medieval Theory of Authorship

pp. 93-103

Recycling Anelida and Arcite: Chaucer as a Source for Chaucer

pp. 105-115

The World of Chivalry

War by Other Means: Marriage and Chivalry in Chaucer

pp. 119-133

Fame’s Fabrication

pp. 135-148

Carthusian Monks and Lollard Knights: Religious Attitude at the Court of Richard II

pp. 149-161

Rhetoric and Poetic

Literal and Figurative in The Book of the Duchess

pp. 165-171

Contentio: The Structural Paradigm of The Parliament of Fowls

pp. 173-180

Womanly Noblesse and To Rosemounde: Point and Counterpoint of Chaucerian Love Lyrics

pp. 181-194

Vision, Pilgrimage, and Rhetorical Composition

pp. 195-200

The Wife of Bath as Chaucerian Subject

pp. 201-210

Rhetorical Circumstances and the Canterbury Storytelling

pp. 211-218

Chaucer and Science

Arcite’s Death and the New Surgery in The Knight’s Tale

pp. 221-230

An Optical Theme in The Merchant’s Tale

pp. 231-243

Trotula’s Fourteenth-Century Reputation, Jankyn’s Book, and Chaucer’s Trot

pp. 245-256

New Chaucer Society: Fourth International Congress

pp. 257-262


pp. 263-274