restricted access   Volume 98, Number 1, February 2017

Table of Contents

Plainsong New and Old: The Versified Office for St Ansanus of Siena

pp. 1-31

'Liveridge is in Ireland': Richard Leveridge and the Earliest Surviving Dublin Birthday Odes

pp. 32-73

Antipsychologism in Interwar Musical Thought: Two Ways of Hearing Debussy

pp. 74-103

Paul Kammerer and Alban Berg: Rivals in Song

pp. 104-127


Trovatore amante spia: Otto secoli di cronache intorno al celebre favorito che salvò Re Riccardo by Davide Daolmi (review)

pp. 128-130

Tactus, Mensuration and Rhythm in Renaissance Music by Ruth I. DeFord (review)

pp. 130-133

Materialities: Books, Readers, and the Chanson in Sixteenth-Century Europe by Kate van Orden (review)

pp. 133-134

The Penguin Book of English Song: Seven Centuries of Poetry from Chaucer to Auden ed. by Richard Stokes (review)

pp. 134-137

Music and the Exotic from the Renaissance to Mozart by Ralph P. Locke (review)

pp. 137-139

The Other Worlds of Hector Berlioz: Travels with the Orchestra by Inge van Rij (review)

pp. 139-141

Franz Liszt: Musician, Celebrity, Superstar by Oliver Hilmes (review)

pp. 141-142

Johannes Brahms: Die Lieder. Ein musikalischer Werkführer by Matthias Schmidt (review)

pp. 143-144

The Social Worlds of Nineteenth-Century Chamber Music: Composers, Consumers, Communities by Marie Sumner Lott (review)

pp. 144-147

Local Glories: Opera Houses on Main Streets, where Art and Community Meet by Ann Satterthwaite (review)

pp. 147-149

String Quartet in F Major (Quatuor à cordes en fa majeur) by Maurice Ravel (review)

pp. 149-150

The Sea in the British Musical Imagination ed. by Eric Saylor and Christopher M. Scheer (review)

pp. 150-152

Nagmusiek by Stephanus Muller (review)

pp. 153-155

Luigi Dallapiccola and Musical Modernism in Fascist Italy by Ben Earle (review)

pp. 155-159

Zwischen Brücken und Gräben: Deutsch-tschechische Musikbezeiungen in der ČSR der Zwischenkriegszeit. / Mosty a propasti: Česko-nĕmecké hudební vztahy v meziválečném Československu by Jitka Bajgarová and Andreas Wehrmeyer (review)

pp. 160-161

Formal Functions in Perspective: Essays on Musical Form from Haydn to Adorno by Steven Vande Moortele, Julie Pedneault-Deslauriers, and Nathan John Martin (review)

pp. 161-164

Discoveries from the Fortepiano: A Manual for Beginning and Seasoned Performers by Donna Louise Gunn (review)

pp. 164-165

Performative Analysis: Reimagining Music Theory for Performance by Jeffrey Swinkin (review)

pp. 165-167

Recipients of 'Music & Letters' Awards

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Authors of Articles in This Issue

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