restricted access   Volume 18, Number 2, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

From the Editors

On the Centenary of Revolution

pp. 229-235


Prince Mikhail of Chernigov: From Maneuverer to Martyr

pp. 237-256

"Pillars of the Nation": The Making of a Russian Muslim Intelligentsia and the Origins of Jadidism

pp. 257-281

Under the Red Star's Faint Light: How Sakhalin Became Soviet

pp. 283-316

Translating the State: Czechoslovakia's Search for the Soviet Model of the Secret Police, 1945–52

pp. 317-344

Ex Tempore: Did the Working Class Matter in 1917?

An Introduction from the Editors

pp. 346-350

Cannon Fodder for the Revolution: The Russian Proletariat in 1917

pp. 351-370

Interrogating Working-Class Lives: Evidence in Social History

pp. 371-376

Talkin' about Class Formation

pp. 377-388

On Cannon Fodder and Straw Men

pp. 389-400


The Workers Question and Revolutionary Gamesmanship in 1917

pp. 401-415

Review Essay

Transimperial Muslims, the Modernizing State, and Local Politics in the Late Imperial Volga-Ural Region

pp. 417-436


Between Party and People(s)—Where Music Sounds

pp. 437-443

Both Sides Now

pp. 444-449

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 450-452