restricted access   Volume 59, Number 3, Summer 2016

Table of Contents

Science and Medicine

Epistemology, Ethics, and Progress in Precision Medicine

pp. 293-310

Ethics and Philosophy

Root Metaphor and Bioethics

pp. 311-325

When Patients’ Values Challenge Professional Integrity: Which Way Out?

pp. 326-336

Towards an Empirically Informed Account of Phronesis in Medicine

pp. 337-350

Should a Legal Option of Physician-Assisted Death Include Those Who Are “Tired of Life”?

pp. 351-363

History and Biography

Self-Regulation of Science: What Can We Still Learn from Asilomar?

pp. 364-381

Hippocrates’ First Aphorism: Reflections on Ageless Principles for the Practice of Medicine

pp. 382-390

Medical Education and Practice

What Hospitalists Should Know About Intersex Adults

pp. 391-398

Culture and Society

“The News is Not Altogether Comforting”: Fiction and the Diagnostic Moment

pp. 399-412

Personal Perspectives

A Safer Place

pp. 413-418

Humility Through Humiliation in Continuity Clinic

pp. 419-424

Review Essays

Trains Departing from Different Stations: Being Mortal and Dying in the 21st Century

pp. 425-436

Doctors Without Borders

pp. 437-444