restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, June 2017

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

pp. 133-134


The Politics of Preservation and Loss: Tibetan Medical Knowledge in Exile

pp. 135-159

The Case of the Suzhou Hospital of National Medicine (1939–41): War, Medicine, and Eastern Civilization

pp. 161-183

Song Ci (1186–1249), “Father of World Legal Medicine”: History, Science, and Forensic Culture in Contemporary China

pp. 185-207


Provincializing STS

Body-Head Separation, or a Multihanded/Multiheaded Guanyin: Note on the Birth of the “Provincializing STS” Forum

pp. 209-210

Provincializing STS: Postcoloniality, Symmetry, and Method

pp. 211-227

Postcolonial Specters of STS

pp. 229-233

STS, TCM, and Other Shi 勢 (Situated Dispositions of Power/Knowledge)

pp. 235-238

Encounters, Trajectories, and the Ethnographic Moment: Why “Asia as Method” Still Matters

pp. 239-250

This Way Does Not Come to the Point: Comments on “Provincializing STS: Postcoloniality, Symmetry, and Method”

pp. 251-256

The Stickiness of Knowing: Translation, Postcoloniality, and STS

pp. 257-269

News and Events

pp. 271-276

Book Reviews

Lessons from Fukushima: Japanese Case Studies on Science, Technology and Society ed. by Yuko Fujigaki (review)

pp. 277-280

Doctors of Empire: Medical and Cultural Encounters between Imperial Germany and Meiji Japan by Hoi-eun Kim (review)

pp. 281-284

Zhongguoshi xinlun: Keji yu Zhongguo shehui fence 中國史新論:科技與中國社會分冊 ed. by Ping-yi Chu, and: Mr. Science and Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution: Science and Technology in Modern China ed. by Chunjuan Nancy Wei, Darryl E. Brock, and: Science and Technology in Modern China, 1880s–1940s ed. by Jing Tsu, Benjamin A. Elman (review)

pp. 285-292

Haeckel’s Embryos: Images, Evolution, and Fraud by Nick Hopwood (review)

pp. 293-295

Hekkeru to shinka no fantaji: Ichigenron, ekoroji, keitouju ヘッケルと進化の夢:一元論, エコロジー,系統樹 by Keiko Sato (review)

pp. 297-300