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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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Glenn Branca: Interview with John Howell

pp. 4-10

Semio-Sex: New Wave Rock and the Feminine

pp. 12-17

Notes on Notes: Performance/Music/Records

pp. 18-21


Soho’s Bourgeois Gentilhomme: Douglas Davis

pp. 22-25

Solos and Tableaux

pp. 26-30

Riot Acts

pp. 32-35

Stuart Sherman’s Spectacles: De-Eroticizing the Object

pp. 36-38

Anton’s Agon

pp. 38-39

One Year at a Time: Sam Hsieh’s Annual Acts

pp. 40-42

Our Town Our Country

pp. 43-46

Chills and Thrills

pp. 47-51

A World of Colour

pp. 52-54

Women in Cages and Male Men

pp. 55-57

Fresh Blood

pp. 58-59


Dance Sampler

pp. 60-63

Breaking in the Kitchen

pp. 64-65

Four Choreographers: Interviews with Kaye, Self, Eginton, and Chuma

pp. 66-79

Art Acts


pp. 80-83

Performance in Place

pp. 84-87

Hello Walls

pp. 88-89


CBTV: Video by Chris Burden

pp. 90-94

Dressing Up Acting Out

pp. 95-97

Dancing in the Land Where Children are the Light

pp. 98-99


Cal Acts: L.A. Public Spirit Festival

pp. 100-104

Cal Acts: S.F.

pp. 106-107

Cal Books

pp. 108-109


Living Room Theater: England’s Acme Acting Co.

pp. 110-112

Is Isolation the End of Art?

pp. 113-116

Toronto Report

pp. 117-119


Spaces and Fests

p. 120