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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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Laurie Anderson United States: A Talk with John Howell

pp. 2-9

They Live by Night: Glamour Groupies at the Kitchen

pp. 10-14

Cal Action: Unorthodox Acts Out West

pp. 15-18

Charity Ball: Dance Benefit for Movement Research, Inc.

pp. 19-23

“Berlin Calling”: Wolf Kahlen’s Video-Performance

pp. 24-25

Eye Figure Fiction: Matthew Maguire/Creation Company

pp. 26-29


Between Covers: Books by Knowles, Greyson, Applebroog

pp. 30-31

Energizer by Molissa Fenley (review)

p. 32

Evidence by John Bernd, and: Standing Room Only by Libby Howes (review)

p. 33

“Dialogues” (review)

pp. 33-35

A Personal History of the American Theatre by Spalding Gray, and: Nobody Wanted to Sit Behind a Desk by Spalding Gray, and: Lee Towey, N. Y. by Sylvia Palacios Whitman (review)

pp. 35-36

Out of Hand by Ericka Beckman (review)

p. 37

Men Together: Gay Performance Festival (review)

pp. 38-39

Drive On by Min Tanaka (review)

pp. 39-40

The Rat of Huge Proportions and Other Works by Bruce Schwartz, and: Through Cloud and Eclipse by Robert Moran, and: Sculptures and Designs from the Robert Anton Theatre by Robert Anton (review)

pp. 40-41

Edouard Lock and Dancers, and: Karole Armitage and Rhys Chatham, and: Marta Renzi and Dancers, and: Jim Self and Dancers (review)

pp. 41-44

Une Idee en l’Air by Joel Hubaut, Joelle Leandre, Tamia (review)

pp. 44-45

Stound by Robert Whitman (review)

pp. 45-46

Light Touch by Robert Whitman (review)

pp. 46-47

In The Bag by Amy Taubin (review)

p. 47

Out of the Ordinary by Johanna Boyce (review)

p. 48