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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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Dunn on Dancing

pp. 2-9

The Social Performer

pp. 10-13

Les Chaises D’Antan

pp. 14-17

R.E.: Croce

pp. 18-22

Sister Suzie Cinema

pp. 23-26

F.Y.I.: Moma

pp. 27-28

Czech Mail

p. 29

Between the Covers

pp. 30-32


La Frontera by Ed Friedman, and: Disclosure on All and Everything (Part 1) by Larry Miller, and: Aleatoire Je Ne Sais Quoi by Ralston Farina (review)

pp. 33-34

Nests and En – Trances by William Hellermnann (review)

pp. 34-35

Film and Video Festival (review)

pp. 35-36

Union Specific by Cindy Lubar, Garry Reigenborn, and: Camptown by Pooh Kaye, et al, and: Ragged Valley by Yoshiko Chuna (review)

pp. 36-38

Vented Trilogy Quiz or Monkey Man by Paul McCarthy (review)

pp. 38-39

On the Road Again by Lyndal Jones (review)

p. 39

Stuart Sherman’s Twelfth Spectacle (Language) plus 3 sound pieces and some short films, and: A Killer’s Loose but Nobody’s Talking by Richard Gallo, Sheryl Sutton (review)

pp. 39-40

Dialog/Curious George by Robert Wilson, Christopher Knowles, and: Exotic Landlordism of the World by Jack Smith (review)

pp. 40-42

Evelyn Brown by Maria Irene Fornes (review)

p. 42

Audience at Large by Steve Busa, and: Disparate Actions/Desperate Actions by Chris Kraus (review)

pp. 43-44

Kiss Me, Kill Me by Badomi De Cesare, and: Victims & Victimization: A Question of Fit by David Antin (review)

pp. 44-45

The Survivor and the Translator by Leeny Sack, and: Uncle Mario by Mario Prosperi (review)

pp. 45-46