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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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Clowning Around: (Commedla and Sitcoms, Gleason and Duchamp, Body Sculpture and Pratfalls)

pp. 3-6


pp. 7-18

L.A. Looks at Sound

pp. 19-21

Argument: Artist as Businessman

pp. 22-25

Rachel Rosenthal

pp. 26-31

New Music, New York

pp. 32-35


Warren Street Festival

pp. 37-39

Warren Street Festival

pp. 39-40

Apoplectic Fit by Daryl Chin, Larry Qualls (review)

p. 40

Intervals by Alberto Guatti (review)

p. 41

Upside Down and Backwards by Joan Jonas, and: South by Sylvia Whitman, and: Belshazzar’s Feast by Mel Andringa with the Drawing Legion (review)

pp. 41-43

Make More Room by Yoshiko Chuma, and: Umi Aui Owe by Simone Forti, Peter van Riper (review)

pp. 43-44

The Figure by Mary Overlie (review)

pp. 44-45

Long Sleepless Afternoons by Susan Rethorst (review)

p. 45

India & After (America) by Spalding Gray, and: The Performing Garage (review)

p. 46