restricted access   Volume 23, Issue 2, May 2017

Table of Contents


In Custody

pp. 199-206

Figaro’s Children

pp. 207-224


Xenophilia: A Symposium on Xenophobia's Contrary Part 1

Introduction: Self-Identity and Ambivalence

pp. 225-231

A Stranger’s Love for Ireland: Indo-Irish Xenophilia in The Travels of Mirza Abu Taleb Khan (1810, 1814)

pp. 232-253

English Emergencies and Russian Rescues, c. 1875–2000: Part 1: Turgenev and Henry James

pp. 254-302

Yoga and Xenophilia: Ambiguity Now and Then

pp. 303-324

Unfinished Business

Anthropological Philosophy

When Metaphysical Words Blossom: Pierre and Hélène Clastres on Guarani Thought

pp. 325-344

Little Reviews

Japan: The Paradox of Harmony by Keiko Hirata, Mark Warschauer (review)

p. 345

Chaos Imagined: Literature, Art, Science by Martin Meisel (review)

p. 346

1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed by Eric H. Cline (review)

pp. 346-347

Sleepwalking into a New World: The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century by Chris Wickham (review)

p. 347

Theodora: Actress, Empress, Saint by David Potter (review)

p. 348

Violence after War: Explaining Instability in Post-conflict States by Michael J. Boyle (review)

pp. 348-349

The Stone Soup Experiment: Why Cultural Boundaries Persist by Deborah Downing Wilson (review)

pp. 349-350

Defining Deutschtum: Political Ideology, German Identity, and Music-Critical Discourse in Liberal Vienna by David Brodbeck (review)

pp. 350-351

The Soviet Theater: A Documentary History ed. by Laurence Senelick, Sergei Ostrovsky (review)

pp. 351-352

Politically Unbecoming: Postsocialist Art against Democracy by Anthony Gardner (review)

p. 353

Wyatt Abroad: Tudor Diplomacy and the Translation of Power by William T. Rossiter (review)

p. 354

Postcards on Parchment: The Social Lives of Medieval Books by Kathryn M. Rudy (review)

pp. 354-355

The Stationers’ Company and the Printers of London (1501–1557) by Peter W. M. Blayney (review)

pp. 355-357

Making Love in the Twelfth Century: “Letters of Two Lovers” in Context by Barbara Newman (review)

pp. 357-358

Homeric Effects in Vergil’s Narrative by Alessandro Barchiesi (review)

pp. 358-359

Collected French Translations: Prose by John Ashbery, and: Collected French Translations: Poetry by John Ashbery (review)

pp. 359-360

Poor Tom: Living “King Lear” by Simon Palfrey (review)

pp. 360-361

Five Poems

pp. 362-366

Dream Fluff

pp. 367-373

Notes on Contributors

pp. 374-376