restricted access   Volume 48, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Reading Closely: Investigating Textuality in Afrophone Literatures

Flora Veit-Wild and Clarissa Vierka, Guest Editors


pp. vii-viii

Introduction: Digging into Language

pp. ix-xviii


Hearing Voices: The Linguistic and Narrative Design of Three Eminent Shona Novels

pp. 1-23

Leaving Parched Gardens and Discussing Narration with the Reader: Metatextualities in the Contemporary Swahili Novel

pp. 24-43

Playing with the Tensions between Animal and Human Allegories in Ignatius Mabasa’s Novel Imbwa Yemunhu [Youdog]

pp. 44-61

“Discord Melted Away”: Metaphors of Emotions in Swahili Literary Texts

pp. 62-76

No Ordinary Love: Literary Reconfigurations of the Antelope Woman’s Tale in Two Novels by Daniel Ọlọ́runfẹ́mi Fágúnwà

pp. 77-97

Harare, Haarari—S/He Does Not Sleep”: Imagining the City in Charles Mungoshi’s Ndiko Kupindana Kwamazuva and Ignatius Mabasa’s Mapenzi

pp. 98-115

Constructing the African City Through Hip-hop in “Nai Ni Ya Who?” by Muthoni the Drummer Queen

pp. 116-134

What Is There In My Speaking”: Re-Explorations of Language in Abdilatif Abdalla’s Anthology of Prison Poetry, Sauti Ya Dhiki

pp. 135-157

Sci-fi and Afrofuturism in the Afrophone Novel: Writing the Future and the Possible in Swahili and in Shona

pp. 158-182


pp. 183-184