restricted access   Volume 11, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction

pp. v-vi

Beyond the State and Capitalism: The Current Anarchist Movement in Italy

pp. 1-23

Women’s Liberation and Sixties Armed Resistance

pp. 25-51

Red Scare Scholarship, Class Conflict, and the Case of the Anarchist Union of Russian Workers, 1919

pp. 53-81

Postanarchist Literary Theory and the Experiment: Some Preliminary Notes

pp. 83-112

Memory, Revenge, and Political Violence: Two Case Studies in Greek Fiction

pp. 113-134

The Revolutionary Man in Naxalite Literature

pp. 135-161

Freud over Marx: Christopher Lasch’s Antiradical Evolution

pp. 163-187


The Wrong Hands: Popular Weapons Manuals and Their Historic Challenges to a Democratic Society by Ann Larabee (review)

pp. 189-191

Sasha and Emma: The Anarchist Odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman by Paul Avrich and Karen Avrich (review)

pp. 191-193

Psychedelic Mysticism: Transforming Consciousness, Religious Experiences, and Voluntary Peasants in Postwar America by Morgan Shipley (review)

pp. 193-195

Trying Home: The Rise and Fall of an Anarchist Utopia on Puget Sound by Justin Wadland (review)

pp. 196-198

The East Is Black: Cold War China in the Black Radical Imagination by Robeson Taj Frazier (review)

pp. 198-200

In Search of Power: African Americans in the Era of Decolonization, 1956–1974 by Brenda Gayle Plummer (review)

pp. 201-203