restricted access   Volume 38, Number 1, 2017

Table of Contents

Editors' Note: Contesting the Structures of Power and Exclusion

pp. vii-ix

Gender and Consumption in Porfirian Mexico: Images of Women in Advertising, El Imparcial, 1897–1910

pp. 1-30

Poisoned Subjects: Life Writing of des Daughters

pp. 31-63

Soldier Girl

pp. 64-66

Fleshing Out the Ambiguous Body: J. M. Coetzee's "The Humanities in Africa" as a Critique of Binary Conceptions of Embodiment

pp. 67-87

Institutional Influences that Promote Studying Down in Engineering Diversity Research

pp. 88-99

Feminists Increasing Public Understandings of Science: A Feminist Approach to Developing Critical Science Literacy Skills

pp. 100-123

Guiding the Working-Class Girl: Henrietta Rodman's Curriculum for the New Woman, 1913

pp. 124-155

Made in Occupied Japan: A Collision and Collusion of Values in an Occupied Body

pp. 156-165

Transatlantic Interracial Sisterhoods: Sarah Remond, Ellen Craft, and Harriet Jacobs in England

pp. 166-196

Diasporic Women: Wahnenauhi, Narcissa Owen, and the Shifting Frontiers of Cherokee Identity

pp. 197-224

A Politics of Meeting: Reading Intersectional Indigenous Feminist Praxis in Lee Maracle's Sojourners and Sundogs

pp. 225-259