restricted access   Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

10th Anniversary Issue

Letter from the Editor

The Concept of A Feminist Bioethics: IJFAB at Ten

pp. 1-6


Whither Bioethics Now?: The Promise of Relational Theory

pp. 7-29

No Longer “Handmaiden”: The Role of Social and Sociological Theory in Bioethics

pp. 30-49

A Legal-Political Framework for Feminist Bioethics: The Case of International Gestational Surrogacy

pp. 50-77

The Medical Nonnecessity of In Vitro Fertilization

pp. 78-102

The Ethics of Postponed Fatherhood

pp. 103-118

Pronatalism, Geneticism, and ART

pp. 119-147

Hips, Knees, and Hernia Mesh: When Does Gender Matter in Surgery?

pp. 148-174

Attunement and Involvement: How Expert Nurses Support Patient Autonomy

pp. 175-193

Expressive Touch and the Attitude of Care: The Case for LGBT-Inclusive Intake in Aging Network Services

pp. 194-209


Still Gloria: Personal Identity and Dementia

pp. 210-224


Cross-Border Reproductive Travel, Neocolonialism, and Canadian Policy

pp. 225-247


Salud reproductiva, legislación y opciones de maternidad ed. by María Isabel Núñez Paz (review)

pp. 248-251

Holding and Letting Go: The Social Practice of Personal Identities by Hilde Lindemann (review)

pp. 252-255

Clinical Labor: Tissue Donors and Research Subjects in the Global Bioeconomy by Melinda Cooper and Catherine Waldby (review)

pp. 256-259

Gut Feminism by Elizabeth A. Wilson (review)

pp. 260-254


p. 265