restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Fascism Rising

Editor’s Note: All Else Follows

pp. 1-2

What Role Does the Media Play in Driving Xenophobia?

pp. 3-7

From Andijon to Bowling Green: Fabricated Terrorism in Uzbekistan and the United States

pp. 9-12

Trump’s Savage Capitalism: The Nightmare is Real

pp. 13-17

The Left Restored is Mightier than Le Pen

pp. 18-23

Map Room: C’est l’économie, stupide?

pp. 24-25

How the Left Can Right Itself

pp. 26-29

Anatomy: Rise of the Far Right in Europe

pp. 30-31

“We’ve Won”: How Trump Empowers Israel’s Far Right

pp. 33-41

“A People Without a History Won’t Fight”: The Battle to Control Ukraine’s Past

pp. 42-46

Is It Time to Drop the F-Bomb on Russia?: Why Putin is almost a Fascist

pp. 48-53


“Stay Outraged”: A Conversation with Masha Gessen

pp. 55-59


Total Collapse: Venezuela after Chávez

pp. 60-73


Emboldened by Outsiders, Restricted at Home: How Sexism Holds Back Queer Women in West and Central Africa

pp. 75-80

The Patriarchy’s Revenge: How Retro-Macho Politics Doomed Dilma Rousseff

pp. 82-91

The Roads to Power: The Infrastructure of Counterinsurgency

pp. 93-99

Trials and Errors: The Promises and Pitfalls of South Africa’s Criminal Justice System

pp. 100-106

Ukraine Between Russia and the West: Buffer or Flashpoint?

pp. 107-118

Legal Limits: Ending Human Trafficking in Supply Chains

pp. 119-123

#Populism: World Policy Journal analyzes how populist leaders use their Twitter accounts

p. 126