restricted access   Volume 17, Issue 2, April 2017

Table of Contents


On Not Following Freire: Foucault and the Critique of Human Capital

pp. 151-175

Exploding Rhetorics of 9/11: An Approach for Studying the Role That Affect and Emotion Play in Constructing Historical Events

pp. 177-202

Wine, Poems, and Song: Lateral Reading and the Pedagogy of Appreciation

pp. 203-234

Digital Reading: Genre Awareness as a Tool for Reading Comprehension

pp. 235-257

Literacy, Culture, and Creativity in a Digital Era

pp. 259-287

Loosening Our Tongues: Toward a Critical Race Practice in Fiction Writing Workshops

pp. 289-319

From the Classroom

Introduction: A Roundtable on “Teaching 1874”

pp. 321-322

Pivoting: 1874 in the Classroom

pp. 323-333

Go Deep, Go Wide: A Personal History

pp. 333-342

Blank Spaces, Full of Mourning: Against Compressing, Excerpting, and Anthologizing In Memoriam for Classroom Use

pp. 343-350


The Crisis of Composition: Teaching and Resistance in the Neoliberal Era

pp. 351-358

Composing at the Threshold: Collaborative Composition and Innovative Form

pp. 359-365


pp. 367-369

Erratum for Pedagogy 17, no. 1 (January 2017)

p. 371