restricted access   Volume 80, Number 1, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

The Octonaire in Thomas Smith’s Self-Portrait

pp. 1-19

English Provincial Engagement in Religious Debates: The Salisbury Quarrel of 1705–15

pp. 21-45

Literary Evaluation and Authorship Attribution, or Defoe’s Politics at the Hanoverian Succession

pp. 47-69

Henry Fielding and English Crime and Justice Reportage, 1748–52: Narratives of Panic, Authority, and Emotion

pp. 71-97

Patronage, Punch-Ups, and Polite Correspondence: The Radical Background of James Woodhouse’s Early Poetry

pp. 99-134

Sublime Astronomy: The Eidouranion of Adam Walker and His Sons

pp. 135-157

Notes and Documents

Taking Dictation: Plates 5 and 10 of Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

pp. 159-172


Reimagining Early Modern English Recipes

pp. 173-177

Accounting for Plays in the Long Eighteenth Century

pp. 179-182

A Moderately Enlightened Polymath in British America

pp. 183-188

The Explorer and the President

pp. 189-191