restricted access   Volume 19, Number 4, Winter 2016

Table of Contents


Spectral Soldiers: Domestic Propaganda, Visual Culture, and Images of Death on the World War II Home Front

pp. 535-569

Transforming Violence into a Focusing Event: A Reception Study of the 1946 Georgia Lynching

pp. 571-600

Life-Saving Weapons: The Biolegitimacy of Drone Warfare

pp. 601-627

Democracy in Decline, as Chaos, and as Hope; or, U.S.–China Relations and Political Style in an Age of Unraveling

pp. 629-678

Review Essay

War Had Transformed Them All: Coming to Terms with the Civil War

pp. 679-692

Book Reviews

Superchurch: The Rhetoric and Politics of American Fundamentalism by Jonathan J. Edwards (review)

pp. 693-696

Voting Deliberatively: FDR and the 1936 Presidential Campaign by Mary E. Stuckey (review)

pp. 696-699

Mapping the Cold War: Cartography and the Framing of America’s International Power by Timothy Barney (review)

pp. 699-702

Michael Moore and the Rhetoric of Documentary ed. by Thomas W. Benson and Brian J. Snee (review)

pp. 702-705

Landmark Essays on Rhetoric and Feminism, 1973–2000 ed. by Cheryl Glenn and Andrea Lunsford (review)

pp. 705-708

Restorative Justice, Humanitarian Rhetorics, and Public Memories of Colonial Camp Cultures by Marouf Hasian Jr. (review)

pp. 709-711

Civic Jazz: American Music and Kenneth Burke on the Art of Getting Along by Gregory Clark (review)

pp. 712-715

The Effects of Rhetoric and the Rhetoric of Effects ed. by Amos Kiewe and Davis W. Houck (review)

pp. 715-718