restricted access   Volume 43, Numbers 1-2, Spring/Fall 2015

Table of Contents

The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics: Responses to A.W. Moore with His Replies

Before, Above, Beneath, Below: Metaphysics and Science in Descartes

pp. 1-12

Metaphysics and Empowerment: Moore on the Place of Metaphysics in Spinoza’s Philosophy

pp. 13-26

Theodicy, Metaphysics, and Metaphilosophy in Leibniz

pp. 27-52

Moore’s Hume

pp. 53-61

Transcendental Idealism at the Limit: On A. W. Moore’s Criticism of Kant

pp. 63-85

Fichte’s Wild Metaphysical Yarn

pp. 87-96

Hegelianism vs. Spinozism?: A. W. Moore on Hegel

pp. 97-112

Once Moore Unto the Breach! Frege and the Concept ‘Horse’ Paradox

pp. 113-124

Wittgenstein, Moore, and the Allure of Transcendental Idealism

pp. 125-148

Adrian Moore’s Wittgenstein

pp. 149-160

Making Sense of Anti-Metaphysics: On Moore on Carnap

pp. 161-177

Quine: Underdetermination and Naturalistic Metaphysics

pp. 179-188

Lewis: Metaphysics in the Service of Philosophy

pp. 189-194

Dummett: The Logical Basis of Metaphysics

pp. 195-211

Metaphysician, Philosopher, Psychologist?—Making Sense of Nietzsche’s Sense-Making

pp. 213-238

Bergsonian Intuition: A Metaphysics of Mystical Life

pp. 239-251

Making Sense of Phenomenological Sense-Making: On Moore on Husserl

pp. 253-268

Phenomenology and Metaphysics: On Moore’s Heidegger

pp. 269-278

Metaphysics as History, History as Metaphysics

pp. 279-284

Stop Making Sense

pp. 285-299

Gilles Deleuze and A. W. Moore: Nonhuman Constructivism or Anthropocentric Narrative in Metaphysics

pp. 301-317

Moore’s Conception of Metaphysics

pp. 319-327


pp. 329-383