restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

From the Editors

Within and Beyond the Ivory Tower: Worlds without Nationalist Blinders

pp. 1-6

Forum: A Different World Order? The USSR and the Global South

The “East” as a Category of Bolshevik Ideology and Comintern Administration: The Arab Section of the Communist University of the Toilers of the East

pp. 7-34

Soviet Orientalism across Borders: Documentary Film for the Turkish Republic

pp. 35-61

Indian Leftist Writers of the 1930s Maneuver among India, London, and Moscow: The Case of Mulk Raj Anand and His Patron Ralph Fox

pp. 63-87


Communist Internationals

pp. 89-93


Contemporary Russian Perceptions of Ivan IV’s Oprichnina

pp. 95-124

Enemy Films on Soviet Screens: Trophy Films during the Early Cold War, 1947–52

pp. 125-149

Review Essays

Writing Imperial Lives: Biography, Autobiography, and Microhistory

pp. 151-164

Russian Literature on the Shoah: New Approaches and Contexts

pp. 165-175

A Bird’s Eye View of Soviet and World Communism

pp. 177-191


Imperial Russia’s Civil Society, 1750–1917

pp. 193-202

Ivan Pavlov and the Moral Physiology of Self

pp. 203-209

Youth Cultures in Eastern Europe

pp. 210-215

Stalinist Purges during and after World War II as Retribution

pp. 216-221

In Memoriam

Thomas Barrett (1960–2016)

pp. 222-225

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 226-227