restricted access   Volume 51, Number 1, 2017

Table of Contents


Jane Austen Bowls a Googly: The Juvenilia

pp. 1-16

Eighteenth-Century Allusions in Henry Esmond

pp. 17-24

Lady Chatterley’s Gamekeeper

pp. 25-33

From Enargeia to Immersion: The Ancient Roots of a Modern Concept

pp. 34-51

The Unreal Path to a Real Place: Six Strategies of Representation in the Novels of Thomas Hardy

pp. 52-75

Hauntings of Human Nature: An Evolutionary Critique of King’s The Shining

pp. 76-87

Review Essays

Historicalness, Comprehensiveness, and Innovativeness: The First Companion to Stylistics

pp. 88-100

Literary Fame?

pp. 100-107

Book Reviews

Laurence W. Mazzeno, The Critics and Hemingway, 1924–2014: Shaping an American Literary Icon

pp. 108-112

Marie-Laure Ryan, in collaboration with Kenneth Foote and Maoz Azaryahu. Narrating Space/Spatializing Narrative: Where Narrative Theory and Geography Meet

pp. 113-118

Dan Shen. Style and Rhetoric of Short Narrative Fiction: Covert Progressions Behind Overt Plots

pp. 118-121