restricted access   Volume 16, Number 2A, Fall 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue

Editor’s Introduction

pp. vi-viii

Introduction to the Supplement Issue: Building Global and Intercultural Studies in Christian Spirituality

pp. ix-xi


Piñata Spirituality: A Reflection on The Evangelical Mobility of the Spiritual Classics

pp. 1-13

The Eucharist as Transformable Spirituality: Reflections on Protestant Spirituality and A Recent Civil Disobedience Movement in Hong Kong1

pp. 14-38

The Training Of Spiritual Directors In The South African Context

pp. 39-54

Spirituality in Contemporary Ireland: Manifesting Indigeneity1

pp. 55-73

Divine Action, Others and Interfaith Dialogue

pp. 74-93

Mysticism in a Melting Pot: Andrew Murray, a Mystic from Africa on the World Stage

pp. 94-111

Holiness Amid Alienation and Poverty in the Life of Haitians

pp. 112-117

Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Theology in a Globalized World

pp. 118-135


pp. 136-139