restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, March 2017

Table of Contents


The Revolutionary Transformation of American Merchant Networks: Carter and Wadsworth and Their World, 1775–1800

pp. 1-31

Co-operative Wineries in Italy and Spain in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: Success or Failure of the Co-operative Business Model?

pp. 32-71

Fugitive Leverage: Commercial Banks, Sovereign Debt, and Cold War Crisis in Poland, 1980–1982

pp. 72-107

Another Perspective on the Coca-Cola Affair in Postwar France

pp. 108-145

Creating Ecotourism in Costa Rica, 1970–2000

pp. 146-183

Doing It for Themselves: The Steel Company of Wales and the Study of American Industrial Productivity, 1945–1955

pp. 184-213

Film and Book Reviews

Love Between the Covers (film) by Laurie Kahn (review)

pp. 214-216

Why Gender Matters in Economics by Mukesh Eswaran (review)

pp. 216-220

State and Entrepreneurs in Egypt: Economic Development since 1805 by Naiem A. Sherbiny, Omaima Hatem (review)

pp. 220-223

Agriculture and the Confederacy: Policy, Productivity, and Power in the Civil War South by R. Douglas Hurt (review)

pp. 223-226

Reform or Repression: Organizing America’s Anti-Union Movement by Chad Pearson (review)

pp. 226-229

Zambia: Building Prosperity from Resource Wealth ed. by Christopher Adam, Paul Collier, Michael Gondwe (review)

pp. 229-231

Power and Corruption in the Early Modern Portuguese World by Erik Lars Myrup (review)

pp. 232-234

Early Medieval Monetary History: Studies in Memory of Mark Blackburn ed. by Rory Naismith, Martin Allen, Elina Screen (review)

pp. 234-237

Investing Japan: Foreign Capital, Monetary Standards, and Economic Development, 1859–2011 by Simon James Bytheway (review)

pp. 237-239

Slaughterhouse: Chicago’s Union Stock Yard and the World It Made by Dominic A. Pacyga (review)

pp. 239-242

The Slain Wood: Papermaking and Its Environmental Consequences in the American South by William Boyd (review)

pp. 242-244