restricted access   Volume 71, 2016

Table of Contents

Topics of Aristotle’s Protrepticus in Augustine of Hippo: The Transmission of Cicero and the Context of Their Use

pp. 1-31

Vernacular Poets in Bede and Muirchú: A Comparative Study of Early Insular Cultural Histories

pp. 33-61

New Insights, Old Texts: Clerical Formation and the Carolingian Renewal in Hrabanus Maurus

pp. 63-89

The Development of the Consecration Rite for Abbesses and Abbots in Central Medieval England

pp. 91-141

Per clerum et populum”?: Reflections on Legal Terminology and Episcopal Appointments in Denmark, 1059–1225

pp. 143-178

Glossa ordinaria and Glossa Hebraica: Midrash in Rashi and the Gloss

pp. 179-201

Peter Comestor’s Lectures on the Glossa “ordinaria” on the Gospel of John: The Bible and Theology in the Twelfth-century Classroom

pp. 203-234

Saints, Pagans, and the Wonders of the East: The Medieval Imaginary and Its Manuscript Contexts

pp. 235-272

Aspects and Problems of the Templars’ Religious Presence in Medieval Europe from the Twelfth to the Early Fourteenth Century

pp. 273-302

The Thirteenth-century Codification of the Fueros de Aragón

pp. 303-331

The Twenty-five Joys of Our Lady: An English Marian Rosary of the Fifteenth Century from Bodleian Library MS Don. d. 85

pp. 333-342